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Who We Serve

We honor the significance of real estate transactions by delivering personalized settlement and closing services for all. 

Why Hera Title

At Hera Title we honor the importance of the real estate transactions in everyday people’s lives and the preservation of the American dream by delivering elite settlement and closing experiences.

We go beyond smooth, on-time transactions to build a real community. After all, real estate is more than just a ‘house’ — it’s where the ‘heart’ is.

We’re nimble and personalized, like a boutique title services company, but we have the resources and support of a national organization. 

“Hera Title has repeatedly delivered a smooth, custom experience for myself and my clients.”

Our Locations

We create thoughtful closing experiences in communities across the country. Find a Hera Title near you:

      Jasom Parry

      Business Development Ambassador

      Meet Jason Parry, your dedicated customer service pro with over 20 years of experience. He’s all about leading the way to achieve service goals and loves forging strong bonds with partners. Jason’s passion for service excellence and growth is contagious. Outside work, you’ll find him on Lake Tillery, living his best life and making a positive impact. Jason’s eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts, collaborate, and aim for leadership to drive even more success. Let’s make magic happen together!

      David Parry

      Business Development

      Meet David Parry, our dynamic Director of Business Development at Hera Title, with over five years of mortgage industry expertise. Known for his strategic genius and unwavering drive, David fuels our success with exceptional results. He brings a wealth of experience from building Parry’s Pizza into a household name with strategic vision, showcasing his ability to drive growth and establish strong brand recognition. Leading our team with passion and innovation, David is the catalyst for our continued success and expansion. He sees opportunities in every challenge and is excited for Hera Title’s journey of growth, triumphs, and making a lasting impact in the industry. 

      Marvin Bushey


      Meet Marvin Bushey, our tech guru with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Georgia. He’s the brains behind crafting various IT policies and procedures at Hera Title, ensuring everything runs like clockwork. But beyond the tech world, Marvin is a true beach bum at heart. When he’s not busy with technology, you’ll find him daydreaming about sailing trips around the Caribbean, exploring the depths of the ocean with scuba dives, and enjoying playful beach moments with his family. Whether he’s diving into code or diving into clear blue waters, Marvin brings a sense of adventure and expertise to everything he does at Hera Title. 

      Richard Staniszewski


      Meet Richard Staniszewski, our powerhouse of positivity and passion! With more than 25 years of leadership experience and a talent for ensuring customer satisfaction, Richard’s career—from his dedicated service in the Navy to consulting for Fortune 500 companies—has led him to his passion: the title and settlement industry since 2013. Off-duty, he’s a family man on a mission for good vibes and great connections. At Hera Title, Richard’s not just about operational excellence; he’s the heart behind our people-first culture. Because for him, success means valuing each person, whether they’re clients, colleagues, or partners. Here, every interaction is about crafting meaningful moments that make a difference.

      Sherry Dukic


      Meet Sherry Dukic, our amazing COO with a ton of industry experience and a talent for leading the charge. Sherry’s deep knowledge of the title business shines through in her ability to handle various tasks at Hera Title with ease. As our Chief Operating Officer, she’s the one making sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, and she does it with a smile. When Sherry isn’t wrapped up in her responsibilities, she enjoys spending time outdoors, discovering new places, and cheering on her kids at their sporting events. 

      Talitha Fulmer

      Business Development Ambassador

      Meet Talitha Fulmer, your friendly neighborhood real estate aficionado! A Colorado native and proud CSU grad, she brings 20 years of real estate and banking savvy to Hera Title. Talitha’s all about building lasting bonds, crafting custom solutions, and cheering for client success. When she’s not rocking the title world, she’s on the sidelines cheering for her team or jet-setting with her family—go Broncos! 

      Alex Bond

      Business Development

      Meet Alex Bond, our seasoned pro in all things client happiness, sales magic, and community enthusiasm! A true Coloradoan at heart, Alex’s love for nature and local life shines through. With a decade-plus of rocking client experiences, he’s a guru at building real connections and delivering top-notch service. Alex’s secret sauce? Tailored solutions, trust-building, and always surpassing expectations. Whether he’s face-to-face or online, Alex’s passion for excellence shines bright. Outside work, catch him in the great outdoors, revving up at race events, or diving into sports. Ready to level up your brand? Alex’s your go-to for boosting relationships, sparking growth, and making waves! 

      John doe


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